Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Application 2022

Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Application 2022

Hello Readers, you are most welcome in today's new and fresh article of our website, today we have brought such a best trick for you, through this you can earn a lot of money. "Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Application" What are the applications I can use to earn money.
What we are going to tell you is a wonderful way. You will know through this article.

For your information, let us tell you that we are not sharing any kind of diamond hack script or fraud with you, here we have searched for some legal ways through which we can buy diamonds without spending our hard-earned money. There are only a few money-earning apps to download and use them.

Winzo Gold :

WinZo Gold This is an application through which you can earn money. Through this app you can earn cash money, here you will get ₹ 50 as a joining bonus as well as you will also get a chance to earn free paytm cash if you ask any of your friends or relatives to join this app. If you have to share the referral code with them, then through this you can earn ₹ 5000.

Friends, first of all, you have to download the WinZo Gold app.

Then after that you have to install and open this app.

You can create it through your email id.

Friend, after that the sign-up option will be coming in front of you, click on it.

Now you will get ₹50 as a sign-up bonus.

 Friends and you can also earn up to ₹ 5000 from it by referring and earning it to your friend or relative.

And apart from this, you can also use the money to buy free diamonds in Free Fire.

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Big cash:

 This is the most favorite app of the users, from this users use Big cash to earn money from free Paytm.

You can use the given link to download the Big Cash App and get the Bonus 10 Signup Bonus and you can also get the referral section to participate in the how-to bag 2000000 rupees competition. First of all, you have to download the Big cash app.

After that you have to open this app, if you want, you can open this app by doing Saina from Facebook, for this you will get ₹ 10.

Continuing with your Facebook profile.

 Then after that, you have to link your Paytm number, and you will get ₹ 10 more. Then after that, you have to verify the number through your OTP.

After successful registration, now you will get ₹ 10 more and along with it you will also get 10 extra coins.

 You can then use this money to buy free diamonds in Free Fire.

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Free Fire Diamond Generator :

Going with Friends is just launched by son free fire this is an app you have to download this app and through this app, you can get free diamonds in your account. Friends, first of all, you have to go to this website and download this app. “Free Fire Diamonds Generator Tool“. After that you have to enter your username and if you can log in with your Facebook account or Google account.

Then you can run your platform from Android or iOS.

Now you can select the number of diamonds you want. Now you have to click on generate option. After that, you have to do a human verification. In this way, you can go to that free fire account and see that free diamonds will have come into your account.


Friends Google opinion rewards are also a great way to earn money here you can also earn google play credits which you can use for your play store you can use a credit card to do diamond in free fire play for that You have to download the google opinion rewards app from the store, if you do not have an account, then create an account.

You will see available surveys after registering. You have to complete them to earn credits and receive surveys more than once. Make sure you always have your device's GPS and Google location history turned on. Once you have enough credit cards Once you get them, you can use them to buy diamonds.

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BOOYAH! (Official Streaming App of Free Fire)

Booyah Guys is the official Free Fire streaming app from Garena Free Fire. Friends, you can also download this application and start streaming your gameplay If you like it, I will give you a real money prize apart from Ray Diamond.

Friends also keep daily eleven, you can contact them and wait till you become lucky, when your day is happy, you will also get a lot of free fire diamonds for free.

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Final word

So, friends, these were 5 apps through which you can buy diamonds for free in Free Fire.

Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps So friends hope that you have liked this post of ours today and whatever questions you have in your mind, those questions must have been answered, if you have any questions related to this post in your mind, then you can tell us by commenting below. You can also share it with your friends and relatives, thanks!

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