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 A comprehensive guide designed for health-conscious individuals like you.

This book is a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring over 500 home remedies for various diseases and disorders. But it doesn't stop there. 

"The Book of Health" combines ancient wisdom with modern nutritional needs.

[Home Treatment]


1.      BASICS OFHEALTH                                                                            Page

1.1           Introduction                                                                                  1

1.2           Laws of The Health                                                                      4


2.      GENERALHEALTH ISSUES                                                                 5

2.1           Fatigue                                                                                         5

2.2           Nausea and Fainting                                                                    17

2.3           Colds                                                                                            26

2.4           Infections                                                                                     37

2.5           Fevers                                                                                           46

2.6           Immune Problems                                                                        61

2.7          Aging                                                                                             68


3.      SKINPROBLEMS                                                                                   71

3.1          Wounds, Bruising                                                                          71

3.2          Sores, Ulcers, Burns                                                                      79

3.3          Boils                                                                                               86

3.4          Major Dermal Problems                                                                 99       

3.5          Other Minor Skin Problems                                                           115


4.      EXTREMITIESISSUES                                                                          124

4.1          Extremities                                                                                    124

4.2          Feet                                                                                               134


5.      HEADHAIR AND EYE ISSUES                                                                        142

5.1          Head                                                                                              142

5.2          Hair                                                                                               146

5.3          Eye                                                                                                154


6.      GASTRO-INTESTINALISSUES                                                                         170

6.1          Teeth and Gums                                                                            170     

6.2          Gas and Vomiting                                                                         179

6.3          Stomach                                                                                        192

6.4           Liver                                                                                             202

6.5           Gall Bladder                                                                                 213

6.6           Intestines, Appendix                                                                     218

6.7           Bowel                                                                                           222

6.8          Anus                                                                                              241

6.9          Digestive                                                                                       247

6.10      Nutritional                                                                                       255


7.      URINARYISSUES                                                                                261

7.1           Urine                                                                                            261

7.2           Kidney                                                                                          266

7.3           Bladder                                                                                        275


8.      RESPIRATORYISSUES                                                                        280

8.1           Breathing                                                                                     280

8.2           Bronchials                                                                                                289

8.3           Lungs                                                                                            295

8.4           Pleura                                                                                           307


9.      CARDIOVASCULARISSUES                                                                310

9.1           Heart                                                                                            310

9.2           Circulatory                                                                                   321

9.3           Blood                                                                                            336


10.    NEURO-MENTALISSUES                                                                    344

10.1  Miscellaneous                                                                                     344

10.2  Stress, Anxiety, Pain                                                                            355

10.3  Convulsions                                                                                         386

10.4  Paralysis                                                                                              393

10.5  Memory Problems                                                                              410

10.6  Emotional, Mental                                                                              418


11.    MUSCULAR-SKELETALISSUES                                                           439

11.1  Bones                                                                                                  439

11.2  Joints                                                                                                   451

11.3  Tendons                                                                                               471

11.4  Muscles                                                                                               475

11.5  Spine                                                                                                   487

11.6  Abdominal                                                                                           496


12.    ENDOCRINESYSTEM ISSUES                                                                         501

12.1  Adrenals                                                                                              501

12.2  Pancreas                                                                                             506

12.3  Thyroid                                                                                                513


13.    LYMPHATICSISSUES                                                                          519

    13.1    Lymph System                                                                               519




14.    REPRODUCTIVEISSUES                                                                     524

14.1  Breast                                                                                                  524

14.2  Menstrual Problems                                                                           528

14.3  Female Pelvic Problems                                                                     539     

14.4  Male Pelvic Problems                                                                         554


15.    CHILDBIRTHISSUES                                                                            560

15.1  Fertility                                                                                                560     

15.2  Pregnancy and Childbirth                                                                   566

15.3  Birth Defects                                                                                       581

15.4  Infant Problems                                                                                  585

15.5  Childhood Diseases                                                                             593

15.6  Later Problems                                                                                   620


16.    STD ISSUES                                                                                         623

   16.1     Sexually Transmitted Diseases                                                     623


17.    POISONS ISSUES (BITES, PARASITES, METAL TOXICITY, ETC.)                      632

17.1  Bites, Stings                                                                                         632

17.2  Transmitted Diseases                                                                         641

17.3  Allergies                                                                                             650

17.4  Infestations                                                                                         663

17.5  Poisoning                                                                                             670

17.6  Addictions                                                                                           683


18.    TUMORS ANDCANCER ISSUES                                                         690

18.1  Tumors and Cancer                                                                            690

18.2  Cancer Prevention                                                                              705


Laws of the Health


1. The First Law of Health

The Air You Breathe

2. The Second Law of Health

The Sunlight on Your Body

3. The Third Law of Health

The Power of Abstemiousness

4. The Fourth Law of Health

The Rest Your Body Needs

5. The Fifth Law of Health

The Exercise You Receive

6. The Sixth Law of Health

The Food You Eat

7. The Seventh Law of Health

The Water that Cleanses

8. The Eighth Law of Health

Your Trust in God









The data in this reference book was NOT composed by a clinical specialist,

attendant, researcher, or clinical professional.

So Be careful;

utilize this data despite copious advice to the contrary!

It is a book of refining of a huge amount of outdated Remedies in addition to currently in use nutritional guides.

This data isn’t planned to analyze clinical issues, endorse solutions for ailment, or treat infection. It's goal is exclusively instructive.

We would firmly urge you to use this data in collaboration with a clinical or medical professional.

Before use test for allergies.





Your grandparents couldn't manage the cost of the synthetic substances and medical procedure the large city people got at that time, so they needed to get well at home by using simple home remedies to cure their health issues, with the old methods of using herbs, fruits and vegetables to get well and with trust in God.

This book is about home remedies from around the world and modern nutritional needs. Modern day nutrition is the science of eating and drinking. Nutritionists study food and drink to determine what foods provide us with the best nutrition. They look at how much we need to eat and how often we should eat. They also look at how our bodies use food and how they react to certain foods. Nutritionists’ help people understand their diets and make sure they get enough vitamins and minerals.

This book discuss the way home Remedies works as natural ways of treating illnesses and injuries without using drugs in combination with modern day nutritional science. These home based remedies are from different regions and tested a thousand times. These old fashioned forgotten old remedies with Modern nutrition used in a variety of manners and above all, these caused no harm or leave no side effects as modern industrial medicines does. In addition, these remedies are safe and effective. There are many different types of home remedies including herbal remedies, aromatherapy, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, exercise, dieting, and others.

Moreover home remedies are natural ways of treating illness and injury without using drugs. These are simple methods that anyone can do. Many people think that only doctors know how to treat illnesses and injuries. But home remedies have been used for centuries and are still being used. These remedies are safe and effective and are not expensive.


 Some types of remedies are as follows.





1. Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are natural treatments that are derived from herbs. Herbs are parts of plants that have healing properties. Herbal remedies are used to prevent illnesses and cure illnesses. Herbal remedies are also used to promote good health.






2. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of inhaling scents to improve mood and relieve stress. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, bark, seeds, wood, and resins. Different smells have different effects on the body. Lavender oil is known to calm and relax while peppermint oil stimulates the mind.










3. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of muscles and soft tissues of the body to increase blood flow and remove toxins. Massages can be done manually or with mechanical devices. Manual massages involve rubbing the skin with hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, feet, knees, and elbows. Mechanical massages use vibrating tools, water jets, suction cups, and other devices.




4. Meditation

Meditation is a way of focusing attention on something positive. People meditate to clear their minds and focus on relaxation. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety.